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RTET / REET English Previous Question Papers PDF – reet book pdf download reet model paper 2020 pdf डाउनलोड करें REET, RTET का पेपर पीडीएफ में, सॉल्व्ड पिछला पेपर BSER REET पुराना पेपर 2021 RTET REET.


Q. The purpose of a diagnostic test in Language is
(A) to know the gaps in children’s understanding
(B) to give feedback to the parents
(C) to fill the progress report
(D) to plan the question paper for the end term examination
Ans. B

Q. Which of the following statements about assignments is correct?
(A) Assignments need to be given as classwork followed by homework every day to provide variety and practice
(B) Assignments should be the only method of assessment
(C) Assignments provide learners an opportunity to search for information, construct their own ideas and articulate them
(D) Assignments can be done by parents, brothers, or sisters depending on the talent that they possess
Ans. C

Q. Which of the following does not reflect ‘teaching for understanding?
(A) Ask students to explain a phenomenon or a concept in their own words
(B) Teach students to provide examples to illustrate how law works
(C) Help students see similarities and differences and generate analogies
(D) Enable students to memorise isolated facts and procedures
Ans. D

Q. When a teacher asks her students to write a letter after having a group discussion, she is
(A) adopting the Direct Method of language teaching
(B) integrating different language skills
(C) following a traditional method
(D) likely to confuse the students
Ans. B

Q. Conventions of writing include
(A) story Ideas
(B) proper punctuation
(C) imagination
(D) good vocabulary
Ans. D

Q. Development of concepts is primarily a part of
(A) emotional development
(B) intellectual development
(a physical development
(D) Social development
Ans. B

Q. Comprehensive Evaluation refers to an assessment of
(A) cocurricular activities
(B) academic subjects
(C) both scholastic and co-scholastic areas
(D) summative assessment tests
Ans. C

Q. A mixed ability group is heterogeneous in
(A) economic status
(B) gender and age
(C) social strata
(D) knowledge and skill
Ans. D

Q. As part of a class project, a teacher planned a salad fruit celebration day in which all learners needed to participate. The boys protested as they felt that boys do not cook. The teacher should
(A) ignore such protests and tell the boys what she thinks of their bias
(B) complain to the head of the school seeking action against the boys
(C) make an attempt to counsel the boys, impressing upon them that gender stereotyping is not healthy
(D) respect the sentiments of the boys and allow them not to participate in the class project
Ans. C

Q. A textbook describes a domestic scene which shows the father cooking in the kitchen, the mother coming home from work and their son sewing. What is the concept conveyed?
(A) Removing gender bias
(B) Dignity of labor
(C) Division of labor among sexes
(D) Work is worship
Ans. A

Q. He was disappointed so he left the job’ is a
(A) Simple sentence
(B) Compound sentence
(C) Complex sentence
(D) Complex-Compound sentence
Ans. B

Q. Read this exchange.
Teacher Do you like to read a storybook instead? Student yes. Teacher yes, please. Here, the teacher
(A) relates language function with politeness
(B) makes a polite suggestion to start reading
(C) confirms the student’s request
(D) offers an alternative language activity
Ans. A

Q. A creative learner refers to one who is
(A) very talented in drawing and painting
(B) highly intelligent
(C) capable of scoring consistently good marks in tests
(D) good at lateral thinking and problem solving
Ans. C

Q. Individual learners differ from each other in
(A) principles of growth and development
(B) rate of development
(C) sequence of development
(D) general capacity for development
Ans. D

Q. Speaking skill can be best developed by enabling the learners to
(A) read challenging and difficult texts
(B) communicate in real-life situations
(C) listen to the model provided by the teacher
(D) avoid all errors while speaking
Ans. B

Q. Constructivism is a theory where students
(A) are facilitated by the teacher and use a variety of media to research and create their own theories
(B) construct their own learning aids, thereby gaining hands-on experience
(C) study a variety of dissimilar samples and draw a well-founded conclusion
(D) form their own understanding and knowledge of the world, through experiencing things and reflecting on those experiences
Ans. D

Q. Helping learners recapitulate or recall what they have already learnt is important because
(A) it is a convenient beginning for any classroom instruction
(B) relating new information to prior knowledge enhances learning
(C) it is an effective way of revising old lessons
(D) it enhances the memory of learners thereby strengthening learning
Ans. B

Q. Which of the following statements is true about learning?
(A) Errors made by children indicate that no learning has taken place
(B) Learning is effective in an environment that is emotionally positive and satisfying for the learners
(C) Leaming is not affected by emotional factors at any stage of learning
(D) Learning is fundamentally a mental activity
Ans. B

Q. Ritu often makes errors in subject-verb concord. The teacher can help her by
(A) taking up many examples for the entire class and paying special attention to Ritu
(B) explaining to her the rules of grammar
(C) asking Ritu to learn the rules and scolding her
(D) asking Ritu to write the rules ten times in her notebook
Ans. A

Q. How will a teacher best teach ‘writing skills to a class?
(A) By brainstorming ideas and asking students to write in their own words
(B) By asking students to write neatly
(C) Through dictation
(D) By asking students to learn articles and rewrite them
Ans. A

Q. Teachers do not give the meaning of new words to learners directly because
(A) learners already know the meaning of the words
(B) vocabulary will not be enriched
(C) learners do not like to be given the meaning of words
(D) it prevents learners from discovering the meaning through puzzling out using clues
Ans. D



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