REET Level 1 Shift 1 Exam Paper 23 July 2022 Language – II English Shift-I

REET Level 1 Shift 1 Exam Paper 23 July 2022 Language – II English Shift-I राजस्थान आरईईटी उत्तर कुंजी 2022 स्तर 1 द्वितीय प्रश्न पत्र समाधान राजस्थान आरईईटी उत्तर कुंजी 23, 24 जुलाई 2022 डाउनलोड आरईईटी उत्तर कुंजी 2022 डाउनलोड करें राजस्थान आरईईटी उत्तर कुंजी 2022 स्तर 1 और 2 के लिए प्रश्न पत्रों के साथ पूर्व परीक्षा 23, 24 नवंबर 2022 आरईईटी 23 जुलाई परीक्षा उत्तर कुंजी 2022 समाधान कुंजी पेपर सेट वार ए, बी, सी, डी आरईईटी उत्तर कुंजी, 23, 24 जुलाई 2022 प्रश्न पत्र समाधान आरईईटी स्तर 2 प्रश्न पत्र 2022 राजस्थान आरईईटी स्तर 1 और 2 उत्तर कुंजी 2022 पेपर समाधान आरईईटी स्तर 1 परीक्षा पेपर 23 जुलाई 2022 हल प्रश्न पत्र डाउनलोड भाषा – II अंग्रेजी शिफ्ट- I


61. In the lines given below the literary device ‘Metaphor’ is used in?
(A) Betty Botter bought some butter.
(B) As cold as ice.
(C) A host of golden daffodils.
(D) It is the east, and Juliet, the sun.
उत्तर. (D)

62. A genre of drama based on human suffering and, mainly, the terrible or sorrowful events that befall main character is known as?
(A) Tragedy
(B) Comedy
(C) Irony
(D) Autobiography
उत्तर. (A)

63. A ‘Fable’ is an example of?
(A) Rhyme
(B) Short story
(C) Sonnet
(D) None of these
उत्तर. (B)

64. My father _____ swim very fast when he was young.?
(A) can
(B) may
(C) could
(D) must
उत्तर. (C)

65. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of idiom/phrase given below 😕
“No Pain No Gain”
(A) You have to work for what you want.
(B) Wait for the right time.
(C) Take care of your pains.
(D) Do not harm others.
उत्तर. (A)

66. ‘To avoid talking about what is important’ the idiom/phrase which best expresses the above meaning is?
(A) Hit the sack
(B) Up in arms
(C) Beat around the bush
(D) Sell like hot cakes
उत्तर. (C)

67. Choose the correct phonetic transcription for the given word : ‘Thin’?
(A) /ti:/
(B) /θɪn/
(C) /ǝn/
(D) /dei/
उत्तर. (B)

68. Which of the following contains the same vowel sound ?
(A) tell – bell – cell
(B) know – now – bow
(C) put – cut – cute
(D) All of these
उत्तर. (A)

69. Find out the word which begins with different sound from other given words 😕
(A) High
(B) Hike
(C) Hire
(D) Beat
उत्तर. (D)

70. Choose the correct phonetic transcription for the underlined sound of the word : Call?
(A) /k∧M/
(B) /kɔ:l/
(C) /kæl/
(D) /kæml/
उत्तर. (B)

71. Which statement is not correct about communicative approach ?
(A) It is practical in use.
(B) It is situational, meaningful and self-rewarding.
(C) It develops the speech ability.
(D) It is teachers centered approach.
उत्तर. (D)

72. In structural approach the word ‘structure’ relates to the structure whereas ‘approach’ stands for?
(A) Going away
(B) Coming near
(C) Sincere
(D) Intelligent
उत्तर. (B)

73. The teaching which is needed for the students who are in general backward in studies and fail in one subject 😕
(A) Remedial teaching
(B) Advance teaching
(C) Classroom teaching
(D) None of these
उत्तर. (A)

74. The process of finding out the extent to which the desired changes have taken place in the pupils?
(A) On line lectures
(B) Evaluation
(C) Co-curricular activities
(D) All of these
उत्तर. (B)

75. An important part of any evaluation in which the teacher should prepare a record sheet for each student indicating the different skills to be tested is?
(A) Record keeping
(B) Notice book
(C) Class teacher diary
(D) Monthly attendance
उत्तर. (C)

76. Which one is not a type of digital portfolio ?
(A) Developmental
(B) Reflective
(C) Representational
(D) Occupational
उत्तर. (C)

Passage (For Q. Nos. 77 – 83)
Non-biodegradable plastic is one of the prime targets of environmentalists across the world, but, we, too can make a difference – by spurning that plastic bag for cloth, by buying our aerated water in glass bottles instead of plastic, by demanding glass milk bottles instead of plastic pouches, by using that sheet of paper on both sides,

by recycling vegetable waste and tea leaves as manure. The media can also play an enormously significant role in this respect. It is not difficult to make a beginning; it is far more taxing to sustain it. But the payoffs of sparing just a little thought to where our waste goes, promise to make it worthwhile. Sometimes you see, waste can kill.?

77. One of the prime targets of environmentalists across the world ______ non-biodegradable plastic.?
(A) are
(B) is
(C) was
(D) were
उत्तर. (B)

78. We should carry cloth bag ________ plastic bag.?
(A) despite
(B) inspite of
(C) instead of
(D) as
उत्तर. (C)

79. Common man ________ media can play a significant role in this respect.?
(A) whereas
(B) but
(C) as well as
(D) though
उत्तर. (C)

80. Vegetable waste and tea leaves ________ recycled into manure.?
(A) was
(B) is
(C) can be
(D) if
उत्तर. (C)

81. Small efforts can ________ a big difference in reducing plastic waste.?
(A) get
(B) make
(C) made
(D) take
उत्तर. (B)

82. The most suitable title for the passage is?
(A) The urban life
(B) Waste and media
(C) Waste management
(D) Pollutants
उत्तर. (C)

83. In order to reduce plastic waste, plastic pouches can be ________ by glass milk bottles.?
(A) used
(B) replaced
(C) stored
(D) none of these
उत्तर. (B)

84. “Slithery, slidery, scaly old snake.”?
The literary device used in the above line is
(A) Simile
(B) Metaphor
(C) Alliteration
(D) Irony
उत्तर. (C)

85. The literary device present in the line “I am as quick as a cheetah”, is?
(A) Satire
(B) Alliteration
(C) Hyperbole
(D) Simile
उत्तर. (D)

86. “Upon a nice mid-spring day?
Let’s take a look at nature’s way
Breathe the scent of nice fresh air
Feel the breeze within your hair.”
The rhyme scheme of the above line is :
उत्तर. (A)

87. “All the little corn flakes were so excited, They were getting to come out and play.” What is personified in the above lines ?
(A) All
(B) so excited
(C) corn flakes
(D) All of these
उत्तर. (C)

88. A mournful poem, typically a lament for the dead is called?
(A) Drama
(B) Comedy
(C) Sonnet
(D) Elegy
उत्तर. (D)

89. The literary term used for a poem of fourteen lines using any of a number of formal rhyme schemes is?
(A) Short story
(B) Sonnet
(C) Elegy
(D) Allusion
उत्तर. (B)

90. “Who knows why the cold wind blows !” The literary device used in the above line is?
(A) Personification
(B) Hyperbole
(C) Assonance
(D) None of these
उत्तर. (C)



REET Level 1 Shift 1 Exam Paper 23 July 2022 Language – II English Shift-I

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