REET Level 1 Shift 1 Exam Paper 23 July 2022 Language – I English Shift-I

REET Level 1 Shift 1 Exam Paper 23 July 2022 Language – I English Shift-I राजस्थान आरईईटी उत्तर कुंजी 2022 स्तर 1 द्वितीय प्रश्न पत्र समाधान राजस्थान आरईईटी उत्तर कुंजी 23, 24 जुलाई 2022 डाउनलोड आरईईटी उत्तर कुंजी 2022 डाउनलोड करें राजस्थान आरईईटी उत्तर कुंजी 2022 स्तर 1 और 2 के लिए प्रश्न पत्रों के साथ पूर्व परीक्षा 23, 24 नवंबर 2022 आरईईटी 23 जुलाई परीक्षा उत्तर कुंजी 2022 समाधान कुंजी पेपर सेट वार ए, बी, सी, डी आरईईटी उत्तर कुंजी, 23, 24 जुलाई 2022 प्रश्न पत्र समाधान आरईईटी स्तर 2 प्रश्न पत्र 2022 राजस्थान आरईईटी स्तर 1 और 2 उत्तर कुंजी 2022 पेपर समाधान आरईईटी स्तर 1 परीक्षा पेपर 23 जुलाई 2022 हल प्रश्न पत्र डाउनलोड भाषा – I अंग्रेजी शिफ्ट- I


31. To free the slave, the chains _______.?
(A) being removed
(B) had been removed
(C) is removed
(D) was being removed
उत्तर. (B)

32. The convict _____ by the neck till death, was the verdict.?
(A) is to hanged
(B) is being hung
(C) is to be hanged
(D) is to being hang
उत्तर. (C)

33. ‘She said to her son, “What do you like ?” The indirect speech of the sentence is?
(A) She asked her son to like.
(B) She asked her son what will he like.
(C) She ask her son what he liked.
(D) She asked her son what he liked.
उत्तर. (D)

34. The phonetic sound of the letters underlined in the word ‘together’ is represented by the symbol?
(A) d
(B) θ
(C) ǝ
(D) dʒ
उत्तर. (*)

35. Which is the correct transcription of ‘question’ ?
(A) ‘ku:s∫ǝn
(B) ‘kwest∫ǝn
(C) ‘kwu:∫n
(D) ‘kwuschn
उत्तर. (B)

36. ‘Learning is made stable and everlasting’ is a merit of?
(A) Bilingual Method
(B) Structural Approach
(C) Direct Method
(D) Communicative Approach
उत्तर. (B)

37. ‘Priority of Reading’ is a principle of?
(A) Translation cum Grammar Method
(B) Dr. West’s Method
(C) Structural Approach
(D) Communicative Approach
उत्तर. (B)

38. ‘It stops power of thinking freely’ is a demerit of?
(A) Bilingual Method
(B) Direct Method
(C) Translation cum Grammar Method
(D) Substitutional Table Method
उत्तर. (C)

39. Bilingual method includes?
(A) Translation by teachers only to explain the matter.
(B) Insistence upon reading only.
(C) Insistence upon writing only.
(D) Optimum exposure for discussion.
उत्तर. (A)

40. The receptive skills comprise?
(A) Listening and Reading
(B) Listening and Speaking
(C) Reading and Writing
(D) Reading and Speaking
उत्तर. (A)

41. Writing is more complicated skill because of?
(A) its variety of fields.
(B) its last position.
(C) its inclusion of other subjects.
(D) graphic representation and presentation of structured thoughts.
उत्तर. (D)

42. Language games help?
(A) to improve speech
(B) to build structures
(C) to build vocabulary
(D) to learn grammar
उत्तर. (C)

43. Assessment of broad learning behavioural outcomes is a feature of?
(B) Peer Evaluation
(C) Formative Assessment
(D) Summative Assessment
उत्तर. (A)

44. Which one is not a characteristic of Peer Evaluation ?
(A) Effective monitoring
(B) Metacognition
(C) Saves teacher’s time
(D) Faster feedback
उत्तर. (A)

45. Cloze Test Evaluation was described by?
(A) C.J. Dodson
(B) Woods
(C) W.L. Taylor
(D) Roberts Paul
उत्तर. (C)

Passage (For Q. Nos. 46 to 52) :
The messenger had no idea what all this was about. If King Avinash meant to attack his king’s fort then all was lost. For King Bahadur was old and weak. These days he spent most of his time in prayer. After much thought the messenger decided on a plan. “Sir, I do not know why are you so angry,” he said. “All I know is that King Bahadur has gone mad. I cannot work for him anymore. I had decided to the court and work elsewhere. If you will take me in I will gladly work for you, my lord.”?

46. The synonym of ‘attack’ is?
(A) war
(B) dispute
(C) invade
(D) conflict
उत्तर. (C)

47. The synonym of ‘mad’ is?
(A) sick
(B) insane
(C) nervous
(D) sensible
उत्तर. (B)

48. The antonym of ‘angry’ is?
(A) sharp
(B) infuriated
(C) calm
(D) peace
उत्तर. (C)

49. The one word substitution for ‘old and weak’ is?
(A) infirm
(B) sick
(C) humble
(D) polite
उत्तर. (A)

50. The correct noun form of ‘decide’ is?
(A) decade
(B) decided
(C) decision
(D) deceive
उत्तर. (C)

51. The correct verb form of ‘lost’ is?
(A) loose
(B) lose
(C) loss
(D) lest
उत्तर. (B)

52. The correct spelling is?
(A) patiritism
(B) partritism
(C) patriotism
(D) patriotism
उत्तर. (C)

Passage (For Q. Nos. 53 to 59) :
Being free filled me with happiness. Now that my chains had been removed, I could see the capital city. Everyone was ordered to stay indoors in case I stepped on them and they got crushed. The first building I saw as I stepped over the city wall was the Emperor’s palace. It was charming just like a big doll’s house. I had to lie down to look inside and as the Empress came to the window smiling at me, she gave me her hand to kiss.?

53. Which part of speech is ‘Happiness’ ?
(A) Adjective
(B) Noun
(C) Verb
(D) Adverb
उत्तर. (B)

54. ‘The Empress came to the window smiling at me.’ Here ‘smiling’ is?
(A) Noun
(B) Verb
(C) Adjective
(D) Adverb
उत्तर. (B)

55. ‘Being free filled me with happiness.’ The sentence is in?
(A) Present perfect
(B) Past perfect
(C) Past simple
(D) Present simple
उत्तर. (C)

56. ‘I had to lie down ______’ The sentence is in?
(A) Past simple
(B) Present simple
(C) Past perfect
(D) Present perfect
उत्तर. (C)

57. ‘……. she gave me her hand to kiss.’ In this sentence the determiner used is?
(A) she
(B) her
(C) to
(D) me
उत्तर. (C)

58. ‘It was charming just like a big doll’s house.’ In this sentence the determiner used is?
(A) just
(B) like
(C) a
(D) big
उत्तर. (B)

59. ‘Freest’ is the superlative degree of?
(A) fire
(B) freer
(C) firer
(D) free
उत्तर. (C)

60. The farmer fastened the bull tightly to the stake. The correct question for this is?
(A) What did the farmer do
(B) What does the farmer did
(C) Why did the farmer did
(D) Why does the farmer did
उत्तर. (A)




REET Level 1 Shift 1 Exam Paper 23 July 2022 Language – I English Shift-I

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